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Monitor & Control
gate management system

Airport Monitoring and Control System

Airports are complex systems. Stakeholders have to be managed and assets need to be up and running for smooth and resilient airport operations. Airport Solutions’ Monitor & Control gate management system improve predictability on the apron and drive operational efficiency with real-time intelligence and automation.

Make your turnarounds safer, faster and more efficient

Monitor & Control gate management system helps airports to manage complexity and integrate all types of equipment and solutions, independent of any manufacturer, into one platform. With a focus on highest turnaround performance, Monitor & Control enhances turnaround predictability, increases safety with real-time control and optimizes the use of resources with latest automation solutions.

Next level visualization and control of airport operations

  • Unique combination of live airport visualization with real-time information, real-time movements and advanced asset interfaces for monitoring and control
  • Full automation of A-VDGS operations without any manual intervention
  • Customizable views to oversee the airport operations from a bird’s eye perspective to the details of each asset
  • Dynamic statistics and reporting function for analysis of operational KPIs
  • Highly advanced asset interfaces that can be fully customized upon client needs (AODB, airfield lighting, etc.)
  • Compatible with all kind of equipment (PBB, VDGS, PCA, 400Hz, CCTV, etc.) from all major OEMs
  • Upon client demand, maximum system reliability with zero-seconds downtime fault tolerance solution