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Remote Control System (RCS)

Remote Control System (RCS)

Controlled by an operator from a remote post.

Air traffic is at an all-time high and the importance of good airport experiences for passengers is a top priority for airports. Mobility plays a big part in this, and with our airport solutions, we help to keep mobility moving in the right direction. With innovative products and an extensive service offering, we provide mobility solutions customized to the needs of your airport.

Keeping with the ideals of perfect mobility throughout airports, TK Elevator recently developed a new system for remote operation of passenger boarding bridges (PBBs). The Remote Control System (RCS) is a combination of technology, hardware and software that allows PBBs to be safely controlled by an operator from a remote post.

Docking maneuvers are carried out by an operator using the prepositioning system that will automatically place the PBB facing the aircraft door and manually connecting it to the aircraft using the motion controls of the remote post. Undocking maneuvers are carried out using the unique fully automatic undocking function.

This innovation saves the time used by operators to move from one PBB to another and increases staff efficiency. Based on a comprehensive safety concept, the RCS improves the safety of operations and minimizes the risk of damage to aircrafts.

RCS explained

In a connected world TK Elevator provides airports with the most innovative gate solutions. Our Remote Control System (RCS), which is a combination of hardware and software, allows PBBs to be controlled by an operator from a remote post.