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thyssenkrupp arrivals guide

thyssenkrupp arrivals guide

Arriving in TK Elevator style

First impressions always count, but never more than when it’s the first impression of an entire country. Because that’s what airports are; the first thing an airline passenger sees, and the first thing they remember. Give them a good experience, and their first thoughts of the country are positive. And that’s why thyssenkrupp is here.

We are passionate about making sure passengers, airport operators, and airlines enjoy the most efficient arrivals and departures imaginable, and we make sure that behind this passion, lies perfect engineering. For over 40 years, thyssenkrupp has been tirelessly innovating, investing in digitalized, intelligent systems that improve passenger flows, aircraft turnaround times, and gate safety.

From accelerating walkways that get people to gates faster to boarding bridges for smoother arrivals and departures, from the moment the passenger enters one airport to the moment they leave the next. It’s about comfort and it’s about time – in every airport where our solutions are installed, they ease people’s mobility significantly, giving back to passengers and airlines the precious gift of time.

Aside from the useful arrival survival tips below, find out how we can truly make a difference to urban mobility through best-in-class engineering and design solutions by following us on LinkedIn.