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The world’s most advanced visual docking guidance system

TK Airport Solutions has always been at the forefront of innovating visual docking guidance systems which are used by airports to guide pilots from the taxi way to the stop position on the airport apron. In 1992, we were the first to introduce laser-based technology. In 2013, we brought the patented transponder receiver into advanced visual docking guidance systems (A-VDGS) to ensure 100% accurate aircraft identification. Today, over 100 airports and airlines around the world boost daily operations with more than 2.500 installed A-VDGS from us.​

TK Airport Solutions continues to shape the future of airport mobility by bringing apron operations to the next level. With ApronVision, we introduce a new generation of Apron Operations Systems and lead the industry in its efforts to fully digitalize and automate the apron.

What is ApronVision all about?

ApronVision features a variety of different applications on the apron that extend far beyond today´s A-VDGS. While A-VDGS guide pilots precisely and safely to the stop position, ApronVision also enables integration with automated boarding bridge operations, collaborative turnaround management amongst stakeholders and live surveillance and control of all apron activities. Airports benefit from consolidation of the most critical turnaround processes and apron information in the Apron Operations Systems.

Made for the future, from the pioneers of docking guidance systems

360° horizontal scanning angle

Up to 360° horizontal scanning angle for parking guidance for multiple lead-in lines and wide obstacle scanning by one A-VDGS system. Park two aircraft simultaneously at a Multiple Apron Ramp System (MARS).

Up to 2.6 million data points

Up to 2.6 million data points per second creating a high resolution point cloud to keep the apron operations under control in all conditions.

Realizing your vision for the digital apron with MAX

MAX Monitor & Control

Live turnaround intelligence with data analytics and sharing through best-in-class monitoring and control system MAX Monitor & Control.

MAX Automate

Automatically dock boarding bridges and pre-position most accurately with artificial intelligence from the docking system.

Maximizing apron efficiency with highest turnaround performance

Complete Ramp Information Display System (RIDS) with status updates from auxiliary equipment and other connected equipment.

Weather and other alerts for safety of ground staff and pilots on the apron. Free text and tailored images to send customized messages from the workstation to the apron.

Ensuring the safest and most precise aircraft guidance in all situations

Partial aircraft profile tracking with reliability in all situations

Even if the front of the aircraft is invisible or the lidar is placed on the side to the lead-in line.

Stop technology and dynamic speed control

Predictive stop technology and dynamic speed control to avoid overshooting and allow for most precise, smooth stopping.

Total apron control for maximum safety

With full apron scanning during the taxi in and docking process to provide maximum safety at all times.

Compliance with ICAO Annex 14 and EASA CD ADR-DSN.M.760

Visual Docking Guidance Systems are important safety devices at the gate, with high standards concerning precision, safety, and reliability. Our docking solution complies with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 14 sections 5.3.25 and 5.3.26, as well as with EASA CD ADR-DSN.M.760.

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