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The digital revolution is transforming today’s airport operations. Our unique digital solutions portfolio is a suite of interconnected services and experiences for advancing the art and science of connecting people at airports. Using the portfolio will optimize airport operations to drive new efficiencies and increase performance. Based on our extensive product knowledge, first-hand maintenance and operations experience and truly global approach, we offer the most comprehensive digital portfolio around gate operations. The result: a complete ecosystem for making airports smarter, so they function better for everyone who moves and works in them.

Our digital solutions

MAX Automate

The path to PBB automation

MAX Automate is a flexible and modular suite of solutions that maximizes efficiency, operational availability, performance and safety by remotely controlling and automating the PBB operation process.

MAX Monitor & Control

Move your gate operations to the next level

MAX Monitor & Control software enables better decision-making by gathering and displaying real-time information of all assets around the gate. Data collected by the system is processed and analyzed for reporting and many other valuable customized use cases.

MAX Maintenance Manager

Maximize equipment availability

MAX Maintenance Manager software facilitates and structures all maintenance related tasks of all kind of assets around the stand for maximum equipment availability.

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