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Spare Parts

Keeping your assets operational

Please send all inquiries to:

TK Elevator offers a wide range of spare parts for passenger boarding bridges and any other GSE around the globe. Our specialists are available to support you.

Through our Customer Service Center (CSC) – Your single point of contact - we are able to offer quick and easy access to OEM spare parts providing airports with more efficient support. For safety and reliability we only supply brand new spare parts to ensure that your assets meet highest standards when it comes to lifetime operations, quality and maximal availability.

We have a dedicated team of experts who will take care of the entire process of your spare parts request, offering you the right solution and ensuring components are delivered to any location worldwide in a timely manner. This single point of contact offers an efficient and agile solution to your needs. We are here to assist you.

Find your spare parts for your Stand Equipment

PBB – F3 Tunnels
MTO (Refrigeration conduit)
PBB – F7 Service Stair
PBB – F3 Electric closet
PBB – F4 Cabin
CNDL (Hose management system)
PBB – F5 Hydraulic unit
PBB – F6 Drive unit

Spare parts in detail

Zoom in and find the parts you need


Nylon PCA Connector
Semiconductor fuse
ATO Fuse
Power Supply
Damper Motor
Compact filter
Pressure Transmitter
Flow Measure Sensor
Pressure Transmitter
Limit Switch
Emergency stop, compact
Condenser Fan
Water pump
Current Transformer
Control board
Cooling module
DC Module w/wo Heater Control
PT100 sensor with cable
Expansion valve
Current Transformer


400Hz Aircraft Cable (24-28 m)
400 Hz Plug
Frequency converter
Power module
Main switch
DC power supply
Control board
Interface board
Capacitor board
Current transformer
Output RFI board
Stop ring
Strain relief
Locking brick for ring
Air filter
Clamp for cable
Bearing for drum
Plain bearing for drum
Rubber gasket for quirl
Flange for quirl (motor)
Worm gear motor
Slot steel for axle
Quirl cable (coil)
Limit switch

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