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MAX Monitor & Control features a unique combination of live airport visualization with real-time information and control. Advanced interfaces to any IT system or equipment can be fully customized according to each airport’s needs. A digital twin of the airport is created with a real-scale AutoCAD drawing including terminal buildings, taxiways and gate equipment. Dynamic views enable users to oversee the airport operations from a bird’s eye perspective to the details of each asset. Any MAX Monitor & Control system is unlimited scalable and easily expandable.


Improve planning and turnaround predictability through live monitoring of gate operations and automatic alarms and reports.


Maximize operational efficiency through real-time intelligence, higher equipment availability and automation.


Make better decisions and enjoy peace of mind through greater situational awareness and transparency.


Reduce aircraft exhaust emissions thanks to optimized flight, taxiing and docking times.

Real time

Monitor your equipment in real time

Real-time status of PBBs (heights, lengths, angles, etc.) and A-VDGS, both for TK Elevator and 3rd party equipment. Real-time status of interfaced auxiliary equipment (GPU, PCA, etc.), independent of the manufacturer. Real-time movement of aircraft shown in scale during parking process (only for TK Elevator A-VDGS).


Control and automate your operations

Live information of all departures and arrivals with advanced interfaces to the AODB, ATC, etc. A-CDM information for departing flights. Automatic activation and deactivation of A-VDGS for docking. Full remote access to A-VDGS for change of parameters and download of data.

Data & statistics

Analyze data and run statistics in real time

Live warnings, failures and events of all interfaced equipment. Live camera feeds and recordings. Usage and performance data (runtimes, power consumption, etc.). Valuable insights with customized KPIs and reports.

Airline billing

Ensure efficient, timely and accurate billing

With the Automatic Airline Billing functionality, data on asset usage is automatically collected and processed to create bills. Distribution to airlines can also be fully automated.

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