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At TK Airport Solutions, we lead in innovation, efficiency, safety, customized solutions and services. We innovate tirelessly and invest continuously to improve passenger flow and comfort, aircraft turnaround time, gate management and safety and sustainable lifecycle performance and costs.

Our roadmap from manual to autonomous operation has already started. Big achievements have been carried out during the last years improving notoriously the operation of PBBs.

TK Airport Solutions is leading PBB automation path ensuring the reliability and safety of the equipment in every single step we take.


The time needed to move from one PBB to another is now saved, leading to an optimization in resources. Vehicle fleets can be reduced resulting in lower CO2 emissions


PBB operators are always ready and available to operate any PBB when needed. Always on time. Always ready to operate.


Operational performance is now based on the repeatibility and stability of the automated processes, improving the predictability of the turnaround times.


The precision of movements attained with MAX Automate improves the safety in the busy area of the apron. The system’s accuracy also avoids incidents while docking & undocking.

Remote control system

Driving PBBs remotely and safely from a control room

The Remote Control System supports customers optimizing airport operations, increasing their efficiency in an unbelievable short term by remotely controlling multiple PBBs even multiple airports from a single workstation.

Automatic docking assistance

Eliminating the human factor from PBB driving process

The Automatic Docking Assistance guarantees the best performance in any situation. By making the operations consistent and repeatible we avoid incidents during the turn around process, as well as increase operational lifecycle of the equipment and wearables.

Remote & automatic docking assistance

Combining MAX automate building blocks and their benefits

The Remote & Automatic Docking Assistance is the result of combining both MAX Automate modules into an all-in-one solution. The outcome brings the highest operational efficiency & availability and at the same time provides a robust performance, by making the turnaround process safer and more predictable than ever before.

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