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Seaport boarding bridges

Seaport boarding bridges

Your perfect seaport partner

We are moved by what moves people. By what moves the world. Our bridges provide an efficient and spacious solution, enabling travellers to conveniently and comfortably access a wide range of vessels, while ensuring a smooth and obstacle-free experience. We define service by always putting our knowledge to our customers’ advantage. We are always dedicated to doing better. Day by day. This is who we are. This is TK Elevator. Our extensive network allows us to leverage the products manufactured by our group and tap into our innovation centers to create customized cutting-edge solutions for our clients. Our seaport and passenger boarding bridges are the outcome of more than 50 years of experience in the industry.

We are leading the industry of boarding bridges with over 5.500 PBBs installed successfully at 370+ locations and more than 1000 units under maintenance. Our expertise allows us to successfully handle all kinds of projects, from VIP bridges to special developments for the car industry in their R&D facilities. We support clients from the design consultancy phase to handing over, and beyond with excellent operation and maintenance services.

With our extensive engineering team and our innovation centers, we are able to develop flexible solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. In addition, we have the testing capabilities and flexibility to create custom solutions tailored to our clients' specific requirements. Sustainability is an integral part of our company strategy. It also determines how we work and shape our corporate values. We are dedicated to driving innovation and the continuous improvement of our products and services, all in close partnership with our stakeholders.

Our Products at a glance

Mobile elevated gangways

This solution features parallel tunnels that seamlessly connect the terminal and the vessel. These tunnels are designed to smoothly glide along tracks, adapting to the changing height. This dynamic movement ensures a reliable and efficient connection, providing passengers with a seamless boarding and optimizing operational workflows.

Mobile telescopic bridges

This bridge solution incorporates telescopic tunnels that connect the terminal and the vessel. These telescopic tunnels are engineered to seamlessly extend or retract, maintaining stability and alignment throughout the movement. This precise telescopic motion guarantees a secure and efficient connection, ensuring a seamless boarding experience for your passengers.

Your benefits at a glance

A customized, passenger-friendly experience

Maximized safety and comfort

Unmatched product reliability

Swift installation with low impact in operational downtimes at port

One single point of contact for a multitude of services

Reliable after-sales service and a partner for your entire product lifecycle


Product standards

Harmonized standards (optional for compliance with EU regulations):

EN 12312-4: Aircraft ground support equipment. Specific requirements. Passenger boarding bridges.
EN 1915-1: Aircraft ground support equipment. General requirements. Basic safety requirements.
EN 1915-2: Aircraft ground support equipment. General requirements. Stability and strength requirements, calculations and test methods.
EN 60204-1: Safety of Machinery. Electrical equipment of machines. General requirements.

Directive 2006/42/EC: Machinery.
Directive 2014/30/UE: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).
Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Optional for compliance with US regulations.

UNE 27800: Passenger boarding bridges for cruises and ferries.

Process standards

ISO 9001: Quality management systems. Requirements.
ISO 14001: Environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use.
ISO 50001: Energy management systems.
OHSAS 18001: Occupational health and safety management systems. Requirements.
EN ISO 3834: Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.
EN 1090: Execution of steel structures and aluminum structures. Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components.

Other standards

ISO 16004: Aircraft ground equipment. Passenger boarding bridges. Requirements for interface with aircraft doors. Fire protection standards (optional).

NFPA 415-2016: Standard on airport terminal buildings, fueling ramp drainage and loading walkways.

* For detailed information, please contact our sales offices.